Students Sharing

Mark Anthony FUNG (BSc ISD student) 

Internship company: Neurotech, Hong Kong
Internship period: July – present, 2020


Figure 1: 3D model of a human eye that I drew
Figure 2: One of the animals in the HKU Medical School laboratories


During my summer break, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to join Neurotech – a biotechnology company specializing in active medical implants – as an intern. My job is to design testing rigs for animals and also design molds for casting medical silicone parts. These tasks were significant tasks for the project, so this made me feel like I am part of the team and I am directly contributing to the progress of the project (unlike the typical interns I heard of which only does some trivial tasks).

I am able to utilize my skills and knowledge in areas I have never thought of, like in the biomedical field. I was also able to experience going to laboratories in the HKU Medical School  to do some tests and work with the professors and doctors there! 

Overall, I learned and experienced a lot and I am very thankful to the people that gave me this opportunity.

Jiakun ZHENG, Jack (BSc ISD student)

Internship company: ePropulsion(
Internship period: June to September, 2020

I worked for ePropulsion, which is a company manufacturing electronic power system for boats, from June 11 to Sept 3. During the three-month internship, I worked as a motor driver software engineer. I found that motor driver is a complicated system which requires broad knowledge from not only electronic software and hardware, but also electromagnetics, mechanics, etc. The comprehensive fields of knowledge and systematic way of thinking I learned from ISD helps me a lot to solve engineering problems in my internship work experience.

Mashiat LAMISA (BSc ISD student)

Company name: WeLab Bank
Period: July - September, 2020
Good Product Team!


This summer, I got the opportunity to work as a Product Intern at WeLab – which is a up and coming virtual bank in Hong Kong. 

Being an intern at WeLab debunked a myth believed by my past self from 2016 where a fictional intern’s job was to make tea for their supervisor.

If you’re a nerd like me, this would probably be the most interesting part of this post where I dissect what my assignments looked like in this internship. 

Like I mentioned, I was an intern in the Group Product team - which meant getting the chance to be affiliated with all products within the company across Hong Kong, Mainland China and Indonesia. On my first week, I did a trend analysis where I talked about using AR and VR in fintech- this task was a great starter for me to get introduced do what product managers do. After that, I got to work on and launch a Fabulous Board where people from any department in WeLab Bank could post their ideas on how to improve the company’s products from a user perspective. Not only was that super fun to implement, launch and promote, I was absolutely fascinated with the idea of this board which went to show how much transparency was valued by WeLab and how everyone in the company had the chance to contribute to the product.

As I mentioned, coming from an engineering or design background, I didn’t have much knowledge on how things worked in fintech. So almost everyday, my manager Cannas would patiently give me crash courses on stuff like analysing conversion funnels, digital lending platforms, and explain banking terms to me. I got to indulge in a lot of research on customer journey, UI and UX research and also took part in a community event to let WeLab Bank customers know about us as a company. I even got to be a scrum master which I thought was really cool and something I could pursue in the future!

Needless to mention, I thoroughly enjoyed researching about UX and presenting them to the team but I think one of the highlights was me getting to generate some wireframing prototypes on one of the products. Towards the end, I got very comfortable about my presentation skills and my storytelling improved by heaps. And that helped me share our latest product to the Indonesia team which was definitely a personal milestone for me. There was never a dull day in WeLab – and it felt amazing to be making some sort of impact in this fast-moving, super cool environment.

It wasn’t just work, work, work at WeLab. Other than my everyday duties, Cannas made me a bingo to finish which included a list of tasks to make sure I got the most out of the internship experience- stuff that would challenge me to be innovative, and get me out of my comfort zone and push me to know as much people as I could from the other teams in the company. Some of these included hosting a company-wide sharing (which I did), playing play ping pong with someone from tech for which I grabbed my co-intern/friend John (yes, we had a pong table in the office ?) .

The bingo definitely added an extra edge to the whole experience and was probably one of the reasons why I could make so many friends! Talking about co-interns and friends, we had a group of 11 interns who would always meet up for lunch and send memes to each other on Slack. We are still friends!