Design Studio

The Design Studio is an open-plan space to hold most first-year design classes, additionally, facilitated with small 3D printing units and hand tools to nurture creativity of students to explore unlimited ideas. 

The Design studio is characterised by its transparency, purity and brightness.  One design feature of the studio is a huge glass wall printed with drawing dots. This encourages students to sketch on a full wall size to regain their natural curiosity to investigate new ideas. Another feature is the bespoke mobile high work bench. Breaking from sitting still to listen, this high work bench design eases and encourages students to move to explore ideas and engage in different learning activities. Moreover, the studio is facilitated with small 3D printing units and hand tools, this builds a scientific spirit that is – exploratory, experimental and evidence-based.  


Our makerspace, ISDworks!, is equipped with many state-of-the-art prototyping equipment. A core part of the integrative systems design process involves prototyping and therefore our students are encouraged to gain hands-on practice in prototyping throughout the program. The makerspace also serves as a project space for inspiration, collaboration and project showcases.

This is the heart and soul of ISD where students make their dreams a reality. ISDworks! encourages learning-by-doing and cultivates teamwork by providing an exciting and collaborative setting.  The 500 sqm. contains equipment and a large collaborative space, as well as a lecture theatre for in-class activities and project development work. The equipment within the makerspace includes 3D scanners, 3D printers, laser cutters, arc welder, CNC, and many others.

Once prototypes are designed and fabricated, the space also has equipment for ergonomic testing. This includes eye gaze trackers, motion analysis equipment, and numerous other sensors to monitor forces and posture.

ISDworks! Lab Tour Video

Equipment Gallery