Student Competitions

Healthy competitions are a great way to elevate students’ learning experience. At ISD, we offer support for student teams to attend a diverse range of competitions throughout the year to test their knowledge and skills. From design challenge, hackathon to entrepreneurship contests, ISD students have shown their versatility and capabilities while learning about and designing for real world needs.

Extracurricular activities

With the diverse interests from our diverse student body, many extracurricular activities are led and ran by ISD students. Repair parties towards sustainable use of electronics/ appliances, outreach robotics camp for high school students, are some examples of what is achievable through multidisciplinary student team efforts.


Internships are an integral part of the ISD experience. We encourage our students to do internships in companies to apply what they’ve learned in ISD and gain real-world experience. Successful internships can also lead to much longer collaborative projects providing the students with a much richer experience and the industrial partners with more meaningful results for their company. Internships are also a part of our students’ career planning. With our industrial partners, we can help students to match up with internships that will enhance their chance of obtaining their desired position after graduation.


ISD students are encouraged to participate in exchange program coordinated by School of Engineering. While students are welcome to apply to any exchange partners available through Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies, careful study plan mapping is needed for ISD students to enrich the overall exchange experience.

Alumni Sharing

Alumni sharing