Acting Head's Message

Prof Qian ZHANG

Acting Head/ Tencent Professor of Engineering and Chair Professor


Welcome to the Division of Integrative Systems and Design (ISD), the newest academic unit in the Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

In view of the ever-changing world and the rising multi-faceted challenges, such as global warming, energy crisis and the emergence of AI in human life, ISD was founded in 2017, aiming at nurturing a new generation of technology innovators with our new mode of education and producing top-notch research outputs to solve these problems. Under HKUST 3.0 Vision Plan, ISD will continue advance our strengths and consolidate HKUST’s position as a cross-disciplinary hub.

Transdisciplinary vision, human-centred mindset, technical ability and design thinking skills are the core dimensions of ISD’s unique pedagogy. Our BSc in Integrative Systems and Design is the first experiential learning undergraduate program in Hong Kong. Through learner-centric approaches and project-based learning experiences, graduates are expected to identify problems and convert ideas to practical solutions and systems. The MSc in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship is offered to translate technological innovations to business ventures. We also encourage students to unleash their research potentials through our MPhil and PhD programs.

Faculty and researchers of ISD are fully committed in cutting-edge research with translational contributions. The multi-disciplinary background of our research team drives collaborations across academic fields and bridges research outcomes with industry to create societal impacts. In addition to current research foundation, ISD aims to delve deeper into focused areas, such as Bio Health, Marina Tech and AI Design. We believe that by prioritizing technology innovation and entrepreneurship, we can enhance our capabilities in addressing real-world challenges and creating positive changes.

You are free to explore our website and get to grips with our division. If you have any comment or suggestion, please contact us.


Prof. Qian ZHANG
Acting Head of Division of Integrative Systems and Design

What is ISD?

Integrative Systems and Design is a new paradigm for educating technologists and innovators. A more holistic systems perspective is necessary to truly innovate and tackle the problems of an ever-changing world. ISD uses integrative systems ranging from robotics to smart cities to biomedical systems to advance learning and knowledge through active teaching and transdisciplinary research. Embedding design and system thinking into the curriculum, combined with an emerging pedagogy of project-based active learning, will develop students’ technical competency, design thinking, understanding of complex and multi-disciplinary systems, and entrepreneurial spirit.



  To advance knowledge through active and differentiated learning, and transdisciplinary research in integrative systems design

•  To provide a platform for students, especially those with unique talents and learning potentials, to contribute fully to society and the world

•  To nurture innovators and researchers with design and system thinking mindset and entrepreneur spirit



•  To be a Division that epitomizes the use of experiential learning in systems design

•  To be a cradle for nurture of innovators and researchers with design and system thinking mindset and entrepreneur spirit

Join us

The Division of ISD is now inviting applications for the following positions:

Faculty Positions (multiple substantiation-track at all ranks) Job ID:9406

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