BSc in Integrative Systems and Design (ISD)
A unique program, which focuses on team-based, project-based learning, integrates design skills with technical domain expertise in an interdisciplinary environment.
Master of Science in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship
A master program designed to train entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs to sharpen technical and business skills in developing concepts, prototyping, and launching products and start-ups.
MPhil & PhD Program
Cross-disciplinary research and education program focusing on innovative future applications.
Design Minor
Design attributes such as creativity and aesthetic sensibility are natural talents that can be cultivated through education. The Minor Program in Design helps students unleash their design potential and build a creative portfolio.


Several dedicated partners share our vision of creating new modes of engineering education. As part of our partnership program, they provide valuable resources in forms of financial and in-kind support to the Division.

Internship & Exchange

ISD students can enjoy a range of internship opportunities offered by our industrial partners, and participate in exchange program coordinated by Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies.


The division has two main design and prototyping facilities. The Design Studio is a teaching unit as well as a small 3D printing unit with small hand tools. Most of the first year design classes are held in the Design Studio.