Design Minor

Design for good. Design for a difference.



Design attributes, such as creativity and aesthetic sensibility, are natural talents that can be cultivated through education. The Minor Program in Design helps students unleash their design potential and build up a creative portfolio. Solving complex problems through systems thinking, ISD can achieve its vision of a better life for everyone. In the program, students learn fundamental design theories, principles and methods, and how to solve real-world problems via project-based learning. Students can apply design knowledge to their own projects in their disciplines to advance innovation, which is the key objective of this Minor Program.


Program requirements and course list

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The Minor Program in Design is open to all HKUST students except for those studying in the BSc program in Integrative Systems and Design. Undergraduate students with an overall CGA of 2.5 or above may enroll in this Minor Program. 


Graduation requirements

To graduate with a minor in Design, students must be enrolled in the Minor Program and have completed a minimum of 18 credits and all of its requirements, as well as all the requirements of their major program of study. For credit transfers, students can transfer a maximum of 6 credits to the Minor Program. Out of the total credits required by the minor program, at least 9 credits should be single-counted within the minor and are not used to fulfill any other requirements for graduation except the 120-credit degree requirement. Students may use no more than 6 credits earned from courses offered in pure online delivery mode to satisfy the graduation requirements of a degree program. This 6-credit limit does not apply to credits obtained through the credit transfer procedures of the University.



Students must declare their intention to enroll in the Minor Program no earlier than the first regular term of their second year of study but no later than the last day of the add/drop period in the first regular term of their final year of study.  To graduate with a minor program, students must declare their intention and complete Form RR-37 (Declaration / Withdrawal of Undergraduate Minor Program) to enroll in the minor program. For registration procedure and schedule, please refer to ARO's Minor Programs web site (ITSC login required) and pay attention to the department's deadlines.

Please email the RR-37 form together with a study plan on how you would fulfill the requirement of the design minor program to


Please email to the Division of Integrative Systems and Design at