MPhil & PhD Program

The Division of ISD offers the opportunity for creative students to engage in research on a wide variety of topics towards either a Master’s or a PhD degree.



The MPhil program aims to train students to conduct world-class research on a cross-disciplinary topic, particularly using principles of design in solving technical problems with clear emphasis on human and societal benefits. A successful MPhil candidate is also expected to demonstrate sufficient knowledge about the state-of-the-art in the areas related to the research problem and on the broader related topics

The PhD program aims to train students with an ability to independently conduct and lead world-class research on a cross-disciplinary topic. They will learn to use and apply principles of design in solving technical problems informed by human and societal issues. Successful graduates will be expected to lead their own research agenda, while demonstrating sufficient knowledge about the state-of-the-art in the areas related to the research problem and on the broader related topics.


Perceptive Mobile Network
Smart Wearables Design


Architectural Design


Students admitted to either of these programs can work on a variety of topics. Several topics on interest of our faculty members range over areas such as Design and Design theory, Embedded Systems, AI, Low energy systems design, Innovative design, Product development, Human-centered design, Architectural geometry, Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM), Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Computational Design, Augmented Reality, Pervasive and Cloud Computing, User-centered System Design, Advanced manufacturing, Wearable healthcare devices, Microelectronics, Edge AI, Beyond 5G, Bio-Inspired Design, IoT, [Tele] Medical Design, Robotics dynamics and control and Systems simulation and modeling. For more details on these you are encouraged to visit the web pages of our faculty members.

Typically, the MPhil program requires a period of two years of study in Full-Time mode, and a subsequent PhD study requires another three years. Exceptional students may apply directly for a PhD after completion of their Bachelor’s study. For more details about the program requirements and application process, please visit the program details page.


Typically, all qualified students accepted to the MPhil or PhD programs will receive postgraduate studentship which carries a financial assistance sufficient for an individual’s cost of living in Hong Kong (food, rent, other living costs, tuition fees, and some personal travel during their study). Recipients of postgraduate studentships are required to carry out additional duties such as teaching assistantship or research assistantship, which supplement their formal degree programs. Recipients of these awards should not engage in any paid employment with the University or any other employer. Non-local students should note that they are not allowed to work in Hong Kong part-time or full-time.

Some highly qualified students may also apply for the prestigious HK PhD Fellowship scheme. The scheme seeks to attract excellent students from around the world to Hong Kong. Fellowship awardees receive a monthly stipend of HK$25,100 and a conference travel allowance of HK$ 12,600 per year for a maximum of four years. Applicants can apply to become new full-time PhD students at any of Hong Kong’s eight University Grants Committee-funded institutions that offer appropriate programs for their particular field of studies, including the Division of Integrative Systems and Design HKUST. More details of the HK PhD fellowship scheme can be found at the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme's website.



For further inquiries, please contact our program administration office (, or the PG Programs Coordinator, Prof. Ajay Joneja (