The Future of Healthcare Powered by AI & Wireless Sensing

Events 13 May 2024
Events Date13 May 2024 Events10:00am EventsLT-H (Lift 27-28), Academic Building, HKUST

The multifaceted nature of individual health can be captured using an array of physiological and behavioral indicators, including but not limited to respiratory patterns, cardiac rhythms, neural activity as evidenced by brain waves, articulation and linguistic nuances, kinesthetic dynamics, and the intricate details captured in medical imaging. This talk will present innovative wireless sensing and advanced machine learning technologies, which have the potential to transform daily health monitoring and revolutionize the accuracy and efficiency of disease diagnosis. Furthermore, the talk will share the valuable lessons we have learned through our collaboration with leading hospitals.

The speaker

Dr. Lili QIU is Assistant Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia and is mainly responsible for overseeing the research, as well as the collaboration with industries, universities, and research institutes, at Microsoft Research Asia – Shanghai. She obtained her MS and PhD degrees in computer science from Cornell University. Dr. Qiu is an expert in Internet and wireless networking. In 2005, she joined the University of Texas at Austin as an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, and later, in view of her outstanding achievements in the internet and wireless networks fields, she was promoted to a tenured professor and doctoral advisor. Dr. Qiu is an IEEE Fellow, a NAI Fellow and an ACM Fellow and also serves as the ACM SIGMOBILE chair. She was named an ACM Distinguished Scientist and was a recipient of the NSF CAREER award, among many other honors.