Teams of Students Won Top Honors at HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2023

Achievement 09 Jun 2023

Two outstanding teams from our division showcased their entrepreneurial innovations and won championship in respective categories in the HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2023.

The innovative start up Elevatefoods developed by Lee Kong Wai Connie, Xu Yang, Chan Yee Him Timothy, and Yuan Qiaoyaxiao Aidan has achieved remarkable success in winning the Elevator Pitch Award and the esteemed HKUST Team Awards. Under the guidance of their supervisor, Prof. Mitch LI, the students have pioneered Elevatefoods as a start up with the vision to revolutionize personalized clinical nutrition and digitally optimized food through the patented smart 3D food printing and multi-level cooking technology. Elevatefoods’ mission is to develop a commercially viable integrated smart streamlined 3D food fabrication technology that changes the way clinical nutrition foods are prepared, cooked, and experienced, hence delivering ready-to-consume personalized edible products with refined textural, sensory and nutritious profiles. The smart 3D food fabrication ecosystem enables rapid and precise food and nutrition personalization based on user’s requirement, targeting the clinical nutrition industry, including those who demand special diet needs like cancer patients, diabetes, elderlies, children, athletes and more. 

Meanwhile, the team from DAOAD, consisting of Zhang Yuruo, Gu Jingshu, Zhang Yuwei, Tommy Lam, and Gigi Lai, wins the Sustainability Impact Awards. DAOAD is supervised by Prof. Changying XIANG and Mr. Brian LAU as a rice husk upcycling company. The team combines 'rice husk' and 'sustainable development' to produce high-quality and sustainable products with rice husk waste. The team developed its own brand: DAOAD Material Technology from scratch and created rice husk-based Eco-friendly solutions, e.g. paper, bioplastic, rammed earth and polymer materials. The products are biodegradable and can be applied to different industries. The mission of DAOAD is to create a circular economy by upcycling rice husks into products and reducing carbon emissions to promote sustainability and climate actions. Their innovative project not only addresses the issue of waste management but also provides people with more choices and breathes new life into wasted resources.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the members of Elevatefoods and their supervisor, Prof. Mitch LI, for their remarkable achievements. We also congratulate the students of DAOAD and their supervisors, Prof. Changying XIANG and Mr. Brian LAU, for their outstanding accomplishments.