SOCAM campus visit

News 24 Nov 2022

SOCAM Development Limited has been supportive on learning, innovation and student project development at ISD in establishing the Shui On Innovation Fund. There were 63 ISD students forming 15 teams in total who have participated in the yearlong project supported by Shui On Innovation Fund in the 2021/22 academic year.

Mr Freddy Lee, Chief Executive Officer, and Ms Vanessa Wo, Assistant General Manager, Corporate Communications of SOCAM Development Limited paid a visit on 24 November 2022 (Thursday) to meet with our faculties and ISD students, and to present the award.

12 students from 3 year-long project groups were honored the Shui On Innovation Fund Student Awards 2021/22. The award recognizes outstanding ISD year-long projects.

ZHONG Haosong Andrew, WANG Chaoyu David, GUO Qixuan Grace, and CHOI Yiu Hei Matthew from Team Zzz, Year 2 year-long project; CHEUNG Ho Hin Alphor, MA Sze Long Evan, and YU Mukai Tom Notch from Lighthouse, Year 3 year-long project; LIN Yifei, LIANG Yuchen, HUANG Qiucan, TANG Sai Kit, and FUNG Mark Anthony from Smart Construction, Year 4 year-long project; received the Outsanding Year-long project award.