Shui On Innovation Fund Student Awards 2022-23

Achievement 23 Jan 2024

ISD is honoured to have Mr Freddy Lee, Chief Executive Officer, and Ms Vanessa Wo, Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communications of SOCAM Development Limited to present the the Shui On Innovation Fund Student Awards 2022-23 to three outstanding teams: Realcycle, EIT Fitness and TramEx.

Shui On Innovation Fund aims to support the learning, innovation and project development of ISD students and nurture a new generation of technology innovators. Part of the fund is allocated as Student Awards in recognition of outstanding projects. Through rigorous selection process by ISD faculty and representatives from SOCAM Development Limited, only the best student group from each study year could receive this meaningful award.

Realcycle – Outstanding project from year 2
Fields: Computer vision & model training, spectrometry sorting mechanism for integrated bottle recycle to increase plastic recycling success rate
Awardees: Ho Fung LAU, Lai Yin Garmisch WONG, Pak Long WONG, Yan Ki WAN, Cheuk You Tweety KWAN


EIT Fitness – Outstanding project from year 3
Fields: Human tissue real-time monitoring system, gym monitoring, electrodes & machine learning
Awardees: Chuyue GONG, Qixuan Li, Haosong ZHONG


TramEx – Outstanding project from year 4
Fields: Advertising, configurable tram interior and spatial design for interactive and immersive tram experience
Awardees: Yin Colman CHEUK, Man Hei CHONG, Chun Hei Brandon LAW, Hei Yui Jasmine LI, Man Yin WONG