Redefining problems cards

News 01 Sep 2020

A set of Redefining problems cards is newly launched by ISD in 2020 to guide problem-solving for the real needs in society. This set of red cards introduces the six-chapter design research process, additionally, documents 15 design research projects conducted by 36 students in the course ISDN1002.


"In ISDN1002, the students in ISD are introduced to design research methodology and methods for exploring problems and identifying opportunities for design initiatives. It is a learning-by-doing course and through the execution of the course project, students not only learn the design principles but also apply them in solving real-life problems. In this very special year, I am very delighted to see how our students in ISDN1002 came out with innovative design solutions to tackle problems in the real world,"

Professor Chi Ying Tsui, Head of ISD.


The Design Research process redefining problems is systematically structured in six chapters and several design research methods are introduced. The process is not a solution-driven process. Rather, the main idea of introducing the Design Research process is to raise the awareness for the need to identify the right problems, as important, solve them in new and creative ways. This avoids offering wrong solutions for wrong problems no matter how brilliant the solutions are.