News 31 Mar 2020
Alumni Kaleidoscope: Terry Tsang - MBA, Mphil(CIVL), BEng(CIVL)
In 2008, Terry and his younger brother Terence gave up their stable, high-paying jobs to start their own company. Originally they launched a website creating online greeting cards but had a tough time with the business. In 2010, the brothers managed to turn the company around through creating…
News 31 Mar 2020
Alumni Kaleidoscope: Jack Lau - PhD(ELEC), Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA
As the first PhD alumnus from HKUST and a faculty member of the university, Jack is a well-known name to students, staff and alumni alike.  After attaining his tenure in the ECE Dept, he founded Perception Digital,  a pioneer in technology solutions for digital sequel processing and turn-key…
News 31 Mar 2020
Alumni Kaleidoscope: Samson Chu - BEng(IEEM)
Determined to own his own business since childhood, Samson turned his dream into reality when he established Imperial Bird's Nest (IBNI) a few years after graduation.  Dedicated to his ideal of “staying on top of the best,” Samson’s creative vision and farsighted planning has grown the company…
News 31 Mar 2020
Alumni Kaleidoscope: Frank Wang - Mphil(ECE), BEng(ELEC)
From a young age, Frank has dreamed of flying, inspiring his keen interest in the research and development of unmanned helicopter technology during his time at HKUST. Competing with teams from across Asia at ABU Robocon in 2005, he and his team won third prize. In 2006, he completed his final…
News 31 Mar 2020
Alumni Kaleidoscope: Chit Yan Shum - BEng(CPEG), MSc(IM)
After 10 years in investment banking, Chit Yan made a drastic change to her career path – passionate about education, she co-founded Tech Cubie, an innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education program for primary school students, with fellow alumni Connie Wong and…
News 28 Nov 2019
Hong Kong's First Winning Humanoid Robots Dancing to K-pop
HKUST became the first Hong Kong team to win in sports dance category of Intelligent Robot Contest in Seoul.