ISD Seminar: Human-Centric Pervasive System Design: Combining Performance and Interaction Design for User Experience

Events 23 Nov 2020
Events Date23 November 2020 Events9:30am - 10:30am EventsOnline

Division of Integrative Systems and Design

Speaker: Dr. Tristan Braud
Postdoctoral Fellow
HKUST-DT Systems and Media Lab
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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Meeting ID: 955 8449 0478 / Passcode: 291820




In recent years, a multitude of Internet-connected devices has integrated our daily lives, from hardware-constrained sensors to elastic cloud facilities with virtually unlimited computational power. Pervasive computing aims to leverage this heterogeneous set of devices towards providing computing transparently for the user, anywhere and anytime. With pervasive applications becoming increasingly intricate, it is nowadays more than ever necessary to put the user at the core of the design process.

This talk aims to discuss how humans and machines interact in a pervasive context, where raw performance often matters less than the user's perception of the system. Through the use-case of mobile augmented reality (MAR), the presentation will describe three projects aiming to put the user at the centre of pervasive system design. As a pervasive application, MAR should consider user-centric performance improvement in conjunction with interaction methods adapted to the medium. Accordingly, the talk will first detail how user-centric performance improvement can allow sophisticated applications to run on constrained hardware without compromising on user experience. The presentation will then move on to the usability of MAR applications through the design of solutions for interaction with virtual content in mobility scenarios. The key takeaways from these two aspects will be summarized within a co-design study for the development of a memory assistance solution in AR. Finally, the talk will outline several research challenges at the convergence of HCI, pervasive computing, and communications on the topic of human-centric pervasive system design to future smart cities, where millions of devices continually sense and interpret massive amounts of data in a perpetually evolving environment.


About the Speaker

Dr Tristan Braud has been a postdoctoral Fellow at HKUST-DT Systems and Media Lab (SyMLab) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology since 2016. He got his PhD from Université Grenoble Alpes, France in 2016. Before that, he received both an MSC from the Politecnico di Torino, Italy, and Grenoble INP, France. His primary research interests include pervasive and mobile computing with a specific focus on human-centred system design and AR. Aside from academia, he has been vastly involved in the world of open innovation through the creation and active contribution to several associations dedicated to bringing together people with diverse backgrounds towards the development of concrete solutions.

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