ISD Seminar: Design Heuristics Set for a Design Goal X: A design concept generation aid

Events 13 Jan 2020
Events Date13 January 2020 Events2:30pm - 4:00pm EventsRoom 1511 (1/F, Lifts 27-28), Academic Building, HKUST


Design teams tasked with developing innovative products typically lack sufficient knowledge for generating and exploring different solution concepts. This knowledge deficiency problem hampers efficiently creating new high-quality products despite the fast pace of emerging technologies. To address this problem and enhance product concept generation, we proposed design aids called design heuristics sets for a design goal X. In this talk, I will briefly describe how to identify a set of useful design heuristics in the context of real world design problems and explore how their use may impact creative thinking in product design concept generation. Apart from this topic, I will also briefly describe a few other past and on-going research projects that I have participated in.

About the Speaker

Dongwook Hwang is currently a member of SUTD-MIT International Design Centre as a Research Fellow. He received his PhD in Industrial Engineering with a specialty in Ergonomics from Seoul National University. Dr. Hwang’s research is within the field of Design Theory and Methodology, and he develops tools and methods to support designers and engineers. He has worked with more than 10 global companies to improve their product design and development processes, ranging in industries from consumer electronics to commercial vehicles. His current research interests focus on (1) human factors and ergonomic studies – focusing on the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a product/system, (2) design process and methodology formalization through research based on derivation and validation of design principles and heuristics, and (3) creativity support systems, with a strong emphasis on design by analogy and mitigation of design fixation through the integration of human factors and ergonomic aspects.