HKUST Student Team Awarded 1st Runner Up in the RoboMaster University League (RMUL)

Achievement 28 Mar 2024

HKUST student team – ENTERPRIZE was awarded the 1st runner up in the RoboMaster University League (RMUL) 2024. 3 talented students from ISD were part of the core members of the team. We are so proud of you!

The RMUL, which leads by Shenzhen academic institutes and universities, aims to build a community to promote the exchange of robotics technology and support young innovators in the Greater Bay Area. HKUST team enrolled into 3V3 Match, where each team needs to develop Standard, Hero and Sentry robots independently and engage in tactical combat in the designated battlefield. The team with the highest remaining Base HP wins. This year, 8 university teams from Shenzhen and Hong Kong participated in the game, making it even more hostile.

After several rounds of hard matches, ENTERPRIZE was one of the strongest teams with high remaining Base HP and was awarded the 1st runner up. They have demonstrated excellent robotic control techniques and deployed combating strategies during the game. Hope that they can keep the spirit up and fight with the best in future. Let’s share our respect and love to ENTERPRIZE!