BSc(ISD) student won 2023 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Award

News 19 May 2023

Our student of BSc in Integrative Systems and Design (ISD), Ms. CHEN Siyu, Cici won the First Runner-up award, 2023 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Award.

The research topic Cici working on is related to Deep Learning for Ophthalmology Image Analysis  and her project is about Image Quality-aware Diagnosis via Meta-knowledge Co-embedding.

Cici and her team reckoned that deep learning method application on high-quality (HQ) medical images have shown promising results, however, medical images usually suffer from image degradations leading to a totally different situations compared to HQ images. In clinical practices, researchers intend to filter out low-quality (LQ) images to increase the performance of deep learning method, ignoring the significant value of those LQ images. In this work, she and her team raised the problem of Image Quality-aware Diagnosis (IQAD) aiming to use LQ images and image quality labels to achieve better performance by utilizing medical images. They proposed a new method, noted as Meta-knowledge Co-embedding Network (MKCNet) for this problem, outperforming other methods.

The awarded paper has also been accepted by the top-tier conference IEEE/CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2023. Please join us to congratulate Cici for her great job.