BSc(ISD) student project supported by SOCAM Development Ltd. won Gold Award of ASMPT Technology Award 2023

News 13 Jul 2023

Our undergraduate students Alphor CHEUNG Ho-Hin, Alan PANG Yu-Yin, Evan MA Sze-Long, Will LIU Pak-Hin and Benny SZE Chung-Lam have won the Gold Award of ASMPT Technology Award 2023, with their Final Year Project titled “Situational Awareness Location Transponder (SALT): A Phase Difference of Arrival (PDOA)-based System for Enhancing Construction Safety”, supervised by Prof. TSUI Chi-Ying and Dr. Jac LEUNG.

The team applied the Design Thinking approach to study the hazards in construction sites and construction practices. During the development of SALT, the team worked closely with engineers and safety managers from SOCAM Development Ltd. to identify the problems and design constraints through multiple rounds of interviews, site observations, and validation. SALT is a safety solution for construction sites that uses Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) sensing technologies to provide real-time positioning and trajectory, reducing accidents that involve heavy machinery and workers.

SALT includes tags that are placed on workers and machinery, anchors that are fixed in certain locations, and displays that give alerts and warnings. The tags and anchors use UWB technology to accurately locate their positions, while Bluetooth allows for communication over long distances. The tags also have IMUs that determine the orientation of machinery, which provides more information. This comprehensive system is designed to address the practical limitations of construction sites.

Please join us to congratulate our talented students for their hard work and dedication!