AI Robot for SENs - HKICT Student Innovation Bronze Award

Achievement 06 Nov 2023

Congratulations to our ISD Alumni FUNG Ka Yan (Gabby) in receiving the HKICT Student Innovation Award in 2023, recognizing her project on AI Robot for SENs, which provides a training solution for students with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) in the early stage.

People with SpLDs are intellectually competent but are greatly hindered by the ability of processing and conceptualizing language-based information. Recent research has unveiled that early-stage intervention, i.e., training before 6 years old, could effectively boost their learning curve in language processing. Gabby saw the lack of solutions in the market and took the lead in developing an AI system to train their memory capacity and sentence expansion skills through Chinese vocabulary and short sentence games.

The product is a combination of various technologies, including AI, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) method, data visualization, empathic design methodology, and scaffolding skills. Gabby’s product has helped 100 students from local primary schools to receive basic training of the robotic games. Gabby and team will continue to bring a pleasant learning environment and empower students with SpLDs to unleash their full potentials.