A documentary film: The Bauhaus a global learning

Events 21 Oct 2019
Events Date21 October 2019


To explain the global influence and evolution of the Bauhaus ethos, our project team has travelled to Dessau, Berlin, Frankfurt and Kronberg in Germany, Tel Aviv in Israel as well as local Hong Kong to study and document, film and photograph many notable Bauhaus design stories.

In addition, important people connecting to the Bauhaus were interviewed: Dr Claudia Perren, Director and CEO of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation; Dieter Rams, former Design Director of Braun; Professor Dr Klaus Klemp, Director of the Museum Angawatte Kunst and Editor of Less and More; Professor Philine Bracht, German design professor; Dr Micha Gross, Director of Tel Aviv Bauhaus Centre; Professor Maoz Azaryahu, Cultural Geographer and Anna Drewes and Dario Iannone, German designers.