20 Students from ISD Recognized in Chinachem PrimeMovership Award 23/24

Achievement 25 Mar 2024
Chinachem PrimeMovership Award Presentation cum Project Showcase 2023/2024 was held on 25th March 2024 in Information Center at HKUST. Representatives from Chinachem and HKUST were invited to the ceremony to show their support. 

Bridging academic success to real-world contributions is no easy task. Here in ISD, we are grateful to have supportive industry partners jointly nurturing talents for creating impacts. This year, 20 students from ISD received Chinachem PrimeMovership Award, recognizing their outstanding efforts in both academic study and innovative project development.

We are honoured to have Ar. Donald Choi, Chief Executive Officer of Chinachem Group to present the awards. Our winning project teams also took the chance to present their ideas and showcase the potential usages of their inventions. The event ended with an exciting robotic arm demonstration by our faculty members and students in our maker space ISDworks!.

ISD will continue to provide top-notch education to raise generations of technology talents. The path of innovation should extend beyond school and reach to every part of the society. Chinachem PrimeMovership Award is a successful example of cooperation between academia and industry.