MSc in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TLE)

Program Objectives

Master of Science in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TLE) program targets student entrepreneurs who have a product idea and would like to

  • build strategic technical advantage into their product

  • gain access to facilities, know-how and a talent pool for prototyping and launching their product into the market.

The program has learning components, as well as entrepreneurial components.

Learning Component 1:

Business-development related topics such as:

  • Technology

  • Innovation and IP Law

  • Marketing strategy

  • Design principles

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Consumer behavior

Learning Component 2 :

Technological topics, at least two Postgraduate level courses (6 credits or more) in the areas specific to student’s project.

For example, a student developing an optical medical imaging system for the early detection of diabetes may take courses in computer vision, machine learning, and AI. A student working on an online teaching/learning tool for disabled children may take courses on human-computer interfaces, software systems design, etc.

Entrepreneurship components

These components are in the form of a 9-credit project, which includes developing a product and launching a startup. Support and training includes:

Startup workshop:

An intensive workshop (3 credits) on setting up a new business. The workshop will cover practical topics such as how to registering a company, technical mechanisms for protecting your IP, partnership models including issues such as valuation of the company and financial agreements between partners, financial accounting, personnel management and contracts with clients.

Concept development:

Team building, networking, and group exercises; guest seminars and introduction to the entrepreneurship support environment in HK and the PRD.

Prototype development:

We provide infrastructure support, a maker-space and training on how to leverage HK and PRD’s vibrant prototype development infrastructural support networks.

Product launch:

We will provide opportunities for students to pitch their ideas to accelerators and startup VCs (such as SparkLabs, SVV, Science Park, Cyberport) as well as various other opportunities to raise initial financial support (e.g. the HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar contest, TSSSU, etc.). Some of these funding programs may cover a part of the cost of the ISD program.


Program Curriculum/ Requirements: 

Minimum 30 credits, completed in 1.5 years (Full-time mode) or 3 years (Part-time mode)

1. Core courses: 9 credits

MTLE 5001

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

MTLE 5110

Product Development and Prototyping

MTLE 5810

Startup Workshop


2. Elective courses: 12 credits

Students are required to complete at least 6 credits of Entrepreneurship and Leadership courses and 6 credits of Technology and Science courses. A list of pre-approved Entrepreneurship and Leadership electives offered in a particular year will be announced at the beginning of each academic year. The elective courses are a selection of entrepreneurship and leadership-related courses chosen from the portfolio of the School of Business and Management (SBM), the School of Engineering (SENG), the School of Science (SSCI) and the Division of Public Policy (PPOL). Students will select the Technology and Science electives related to their projects in consultation with their project advisors. Students may also take any other relevant courses as approved by the Program Director.

3. Project: 9 credits

Students are required to conduct a 9-credit project throughout the program, which includes developing a product or service at a level that is sufficiently advanced to form the basis of a startup company.

Program Fees:

HK$ 200,000


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